Suntory Toki with Dan, Steve & Goran

Suntory Whisky’s Toki! It’s been a while since we’ve had a Japanese whisky, so thanks to Steve for this wicked Christmas present.

Japanese whisky follows the Scottish tradition, including how to blend – this has whiskies from three different Suntory distilleries from across the country, including grain and single malt.

Oh, and Toki in Japanese means times, which is a little funny seeing as this doesn’t have a specific age. Like saying “it was aged for an amount of time”. “Some time”. Here’s what we thought:

Steve – burn, eggnog
Simon – apple, red delicious, bright, white wine, appletini, kid’s shampoo
Dan – peaches, faint musty wood, little bit of rubbing alcohol
Goran – light aroma, rose water, vanilla

Steve – artificial banana? bite
Simon – sweet, light, banana, spice
Dan – very sweet, floral sake with more wood notes, slight dry burn at the end, almost rice pudding esque
Goran – light flavour, some bite, malty

Steve – banana
Simon – long spice
Dan – medium sweet
Goran – short, warm, airy

Steve – nope
Simon – lighter & more accessible
Dan – much sweeter, more rice pudding
Goran – n/a

Steve – 5/10
Simon – 7.5/10
Dan – 7.8/10
Goran – 7/10

Suntory Toki – 43% 750ml – $59.95 – Japan

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Nah.

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