Potter’s Special Old Rye with Steve & Matt

Untitled1Potter’s Special Old Rye Whisky. Special, old, rye. And in a tiny plastic bottle, because it’s very classy.

Also classy, I’ll be continuing the practice of gifs with this post, but I think I’ll relegate them to a simply moving image summary of what thought. Scroll to the bottom to see.

Picked this up on one of my trips to Alberta last year. Sat on the shelf for a while until we decided to try it, then the review sat in Drafts for a while. It just happens to be the last of my preloaded reviews, so it’s time to pull the trigger on this very bad thing.

Potter’s is another offering from Highwood Distillers in Alberta, who you’ll recognize from such previous reviews as White Owl & Century Reserve. So far, we’re not huge fans of these products; they’re currently batting 1/4 in the Try It/Buy It grid. And it’s no better this time. An allegedly 8y whisky, Potter’s does not reflect that kind of time in wood. Here’s what we thought:

Simon – green tinge
Matt – olive oil
Steve – canola oil

Simon – banana liquor
Matt – mr clean
Steve – wet naps

Simon – caramel syrup, salt, burn
Matt – pink plasticine
Steve – nothing specific, too loud

Simon – medium gross
Matt – too much
Steve – short

Simon – n/a
Matt – sweater sleeve, musty
Steve – n/a

Simon – 4/10
Matt – 4/10
Steve – 3/10

Potter’s Special Old Rye Whisky – 40% 50ml – $$ – Alberta

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

.gif summary:

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