Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Dan & Julia

IMG_9585How do you like that, it’s Kentucky Derby Day & we’re reviewing Old Forester, the Official Bourbon Of The Kentucky Derby!

Had no idea of either, this is a complete fluke. I used to ride horses, too, this is sort of embarrassing.

A couple interesting facts about Old Forester: it’s the longest running bourbon available, and it’s named after the doctor who recommended its consumption. Marketing since been marketing, and yet they have the nerve to say “Not one drop of hype”. C’mon now.

For all of the no-hype, this was a pretty utility bourbon. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – rusty brown
Simon – brown, apple, iscotch logo
Julia – dark orange

Dan – nail polish remover, licorice, cherry candy, wood
Simon – maple, metal, orange
Julia – alcoholy

Dan – dry, bitter corn malt
Simon – sweet, red candy, sharp burn, not much depth
Julia – all in the face, covers mouth with burn, too much

Dan – dry, sweet
Simon – burn lingers, a littel young
Julia – burns tongue

Dan – wood forward, sweet after, not too astringent, dry
Simon – much better, smoother
Julia – smoky & bitter

Dan – 7.6/10
Simon – 6.9/10
Julia – 4/10

free association
Dan – leather chafe, sand cooch
Simon – jazz & tulips
Julia – throat in a cloud

Old Forester KSBW – 43% 750ml – $36.95 – Kentucky

Try it? No. Buy it? As general purpose mix.

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