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Innis & Gunn Summer Mixed Pack


IMG_4612Well… end-of-Summer-by-the-time-I-found-it Mixed Pack.  One Innis & Gunn Original, one Lager and one Toasted Oak IPA.

Stay tuned for the reviews on the two new ones, and hurry up to the LCBO if you want to find this. There’s always plenty of goddamned Rum Finish, of which I am not a fan, but the other extra options from Innis & Gunn have been a bit thin on the ground lately.

This pack was also a nice change because you get 6 beers for less than the 3-beers-and-a-glass kits they’ve offered in the past.  Not that I don’t like the glasses, it’s just a lot easier to do a tasting with a 6-pack.

Innis & Gunn Summer Mixed Pack – 6x330ml 4.6-6.4% – $13.95 – Scotland

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