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Hiram Walker Special Old Rye Whisky with Dan & Ryan

Reviews with Dan
Reviews with Ryan

IMG_6282Very very short review here. This isn’t worth your time so we won’t spend much of ours on it either.

Hiram Walker launched Canadian Club whiskey, among others, but weirdly while Hiram Walker’s distillery (founded in 1858 in Walkerton, still going) is owned by Pernod, the Canadian Club brand is part of Beam, as is the Special Old Rye Whisky. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – hairspray for reals, vidal sassoon
Simon – caramel, sweet, candy corn
Ryan – rye, mild honey

Dan – spicy alcohol burn
Simon – spray cologne
Ryan – smooth, no burn, mildly pleasant

Dan – burn gone, maybe spicy, maybe sweet
Simon – fruitier but also burn, not great
Ryan – n/a

Hiram Walker Special Old Rye Whisky – 40% 1140ml – $36.85 – Canada

Try it? No. But it? Hell no.

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