High River Canadian Whisky with Davey

What do you get when you bottle Canadian whisky in Kentucky? Mediocre whisky.

To be fair, the back-and-forth shipping of High River is probably not this whisky’s major fault. That would be the smell. And the taste.¬†Being road agitated probably doesn’t help tho.

This is a Sazerac whisky, and that’s pretty much all I can tell you. There’s no mention on the parent company’s aggressively Web 1.0 page (complete with Flash splash page) and most of the posts about this are either hobby reviews or people asking what it is. Excellent digital presence, guys. Here’s what we thought:

Davey – nice, bland boozy
Simon – hairspray, aerosol caramel, rye

Davey – sweet/sour
Simon – sour, thin, little flavour, disappears

Davey – pleasant
Simon – delayed burn, chest warmth

Davey – n/a
Simon – n/a

Davey – 6/10
Simon – 5/10

High River Canadian Whisky – 40% 750ml – $33.20 – “Canada”

Try it? No. Buy it? no.

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