Gooderham & Worts Four Grain Canadian Whisky with Davey, Matt & Steve

thisoneGooderham & Worts Four Grain Canadian Whisky. Corn, barley, wheat & rye blended together and named for the distillery that is now the Distillery District in Toronto.

The name appears to be the only real connection to the original Gooderham & Worts company – this whisky is now distilled in Corbyville with much of the rest of Corby’s domestic offerings.

The bottle carries a “Blend No.” where sometimes you might see a bottle identifier, stating this is blend A.1129. And since our bottle and the LCBO bottle and every image I can find in Google Image Search says A.1129, I think we can assume there’s just the one.

Thinking of other multi-grain blends can bring to mind some pretty nasty concoctions we’ve had in the past. Wheat in particular seems to be a difficult grain to make genuinely palatable beyond a novelty beverage. Gooderham & Worts manages a rare balance of four grains to offer a new approach on the classic Canadian Whisky.¬†Here’s what we thought:

Davey – amber light
Steve – amber
Matt – golden amber honey
Simon – brassy

Davey – smooth & booze, amber
Steve – name brand moist toilette
Matt – corn, sweetness, pollen
Simon – wheat, burnt maple

Davey – light toffee caramel
Steve – sweet, really good, caramel
Matt – light in body, not as sweet, oak
Simon – peach, wood, avacado

Davey – vanilla
Steve – nice warmth
Matt – lingering, pleasant burn
Simon – burns on tongue, pleasant warm

Davey – no burn, boozey juice
Steve – so good
Matt – cuts burn, ups sweet, thin
Simon – honey, tea, wooden

Davey – 8/10
Steve – 9/10
Matt – 5/10
Simon – 7.4/10

Gooderham & Worts Four Grain Canadian Whisky – 44.4% 750ml – $44.95 – Ontario

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes, good alternate for cocktails.

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