Dr James Crow’s Old Crow Kentucky Bourbon with Dan

A border-crossing friend snagged this.. um.. testament to budgetary discretion. Dr James Crow’s Old Crow Kentucky Bourbon is available at Duty Free shops and still manages to only be $8usd.

Which is made further amazing when you find out that it’s the same mash as Jim Beam, just aged less. That’s a little shocking. Other things shocking about this brand: it was Mark Twain’s favourite bourbon, it was thought to be the only good thing to come out of the South after the civil war, and then a century later they screwed up the recipe, wouldn’t admit it or fix it and ended up being sold off after sales collapsed.

When your customers say you screwed up, typically, you’ve done screwed up. Not sure anything got better, tho, here’s what we thought:

Dan – musty, salty boots and dill pickles
Simon – mustard, salt

Dan – the taste of a cask left over winter coated in salt with salt & vinegar chips floating in the mash
Simon – salted taffy & nail polish

Dan – salted fish
Simon – thin & long burn

Dan – blunts nose and it’s not that bad
Simon – bad, really bad

Dan – 1.2/10
Simon – 3/10

Dr James Crow’s Old Crow Kentucky Bourbon – 40% 750ml – $8.00 – Kentucky

Try it? No. Buy it? No. Try it as a gag? Yes.

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