Corner Creek Kentucky Bourbon with Virginia, Dan, Goran & Steve

thisoneCorner Creek Kentucky Bourbon, the first bourbon bottler we’ve sampled. Same as with scotch, some companies distill, some buy and blend, and some buy and bottle. This is the latter.

To be more correct, we’ve had bourbon bottled by people other than the distiller – that rash of 90% plus ryes from bourbon makers we saw a while back was largely the same original product bottled straight or altered slightly¬†by established distiller brands. That’s not the same thing as this.

Bottlers offer a more curated whisky experience. Their people go out looking for good bourbon from established distillers and finding one that meets their standard. Not every bottle of Corner Creek is going to taste the same, but you rely on their reputation that whatever’s in the bottle is good stuff. In this case, that’s warranted. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – peaches with a little corn
Simon – cherry, sherry
Goran – marzipan
Steve – fruit honey

Dan – smooth & corny, old barn must
Simon – slick burn, nice warmth, wood & smoke, leather, books
Goran – spongecake caramel icing
Steve – evaporates quick, not much

Dan – light, pleasant sweetness
Simon – longer burn, forest
Goran – almond milk, medium burn
Steve – odd, frozen peas

Dan – vibrant lichee with cucumber & corn
Simon – refreshing, slight burn
Goran – n/a
Steve – sweet, not much else

free association
Dan – n/a
Simon – late nights
Goran – awesome cottage sunset
Steve – peas

Dan – 8.3/10
Simon – 7.9/10
Goran – 7/10
Steve – 7/10

Virginia gave her notes in a more fulsome form:

first impression: Christmas ormaybe just winter in general, before you get sick of it

it’s what bourbon should taste like
warm all the way though
a hint of smooth but spicy
without chemical nasal burn or throat sting
allows suitable fire breathing aftertaste

so smooth & pleasant it feels wholesome, like it would cure a cold instantly and with repeated use might improve your standard of living significantly

tale-telling old wife approved

Corner Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky – 44% 700ml – $44.95 – Kentucky

Try it? Yes! Buy it? More than half said yes.

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