BattleScotch! Talisker Distiller’s Edition v Talisker 57° with Ryan

Long time readers of iScotch will know that we (I) am huge Talisker fan.  I’ve tried 4 different expressions and will try everything I can get my hands on for a good price (or at least, get out of the store without getting caught).  Pitting the Distiller’s Edition against the 57° was a no brainer, … Continue reading BattleScotch! Talisker Distiller’s Edition v Talisker 57° with Ryan

Talisker 10y

This is the first single malt scotch I tasted when I started this new hobby of scotch… uh, drinking.  It was the second bottle I emptied (I love Bowmore), triggering the purchase of this collection. I am going to have to replace this dinky 200ml bottle soon. Neat: light, clear, balanced, smooth & sweet. With … Continue reading Talisker 10y

Talisker 57°

I’m not usually a huge fan of the super-high proofed whiskies – while it has its uses, the burn is a distraction from the flavour.  I was pleasantly surprised by the 57° – it manages to remain a Talisker while bringing significant heat. Neat: Alcohol & peat – hot on the tongue, lots of burn.  … Continue reading Talisker 57°

The Big Three Hundo

300 posts on That’s pretty crazy. Granted, they’re not all bottles of single malt scotch – the brand got watered down early and often, that’s for sure. Over the course of the last 299 spicy whisky word burps we’ve posted here, we’ve come across some fantastic spirits, some interesting beers and some fancy gins, … Continue reading The Big Three Hundo